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Exploring the ONE12


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A Snapshot of Daily Life

At ONE12, you will embrace the essence of community living, where every day is infused with the delightful rhythms of vibrant camaraderie. From invigorating outdoor activities to cozy gatherings at nearby coffee shops, plus captivating community events, every moment contributes to the distinctive allure of this neighborhood.

Neighbourhood Essence

In the vicinity of ONE12, delightful tree-canopied paths lead you toward a vibrant main street, alive with a warm and diverse community.
This blend of friendly faces and lively interactions crafts a serene yet dynamic backdrop to everyday life, much like a living portrait. Imagine leisurely walks with your dog along the unique and spirited Whyte Avenue, or enjoyable gatherings with neighbors in the welcoming green spaces of Garneau or Braithwaite Park. It’s a charming, personal retreat right at your doorstep.

Close to Educational Excellence

Located directly across from University of Alberta and Hospital, ONE12 offers unmatched convenience for academic pursuits and healthcare access, making it an ideal spot for students and medical professionals alike.

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Local Treasures and Pleasures Around ONE12

Around ONE12, you'll find yourself amidst a vibrant array of dining experiences, with cozy cafes like Prestotea right at your fingertips. Treat your taste buds to diverse flavors from around the world at nearby gems like Avila Arepa and the POM Grande Persian Grill. Take a leisurely stroll down Whyte Avenue to discover chic boutiques, all adding to the unique and welcoming atmosphere of our neighborhood.

Convenient Access at ONE12

ONE12 situates you in the heart of pedestrian-friendly living, with everything you need just a short walk away. Efficient public transit options connect you effortlessly to Whyte Avenue, downtown, and more, while the High Level Bridge provides a scenic and direct path for those journeying to the city center.

Community Tapestry

The community around ONE12 is a rich mosaic of seasoned locals, scholars, emerging professionals, and families. This blend fosters a deep sense of belonging and shared pride in a dynamic and lively environment.

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A Vibrant Scene Right
at Your Doorstep

The surrounding area of ONE12 buzzes with the welcoming aroma of Deville, OEB & Hatch in the building. For those looking to unwind with friends, Earl’s Kitchen and Bar or Sherlock Holmes Pub offer the perfect venues. This vibrant energy cultivates a sense of community and effortless lifestyle.

Grocery Shopping

For ONE12 residents, grocery shopping is made effortless with the convenience of INS market located right inside the building. Major retailers such as Safeway provide a wide range of everyday necessities, ensuring you’re never far from what you need. For those with a focus on health-conscious choices, H Mart Grocery and Lean & Green Fitness & Nutrition cater to a more specialized selection, offering an array of whole foods and nutritional products. This blend of convenience and variety highlights the effortless and plentiful lifestyle enjoyed by residents of ONE12.

All On Your Doorstep

ONE12 is located just steps away from everything you need, from grocery shopping to delicious dining options.

1 Minute

– Second Cup
– Tim Hortons/Wendy’s
– Starbucks
– H Mart Grocery
– Press’d Sandwich Shop
– Subway
– University of Alberta Hospital
– Lean & Green Fitness & Nutrition
– The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy
– Liquor Merchants
– Dandy Salon Spa
– Sherlock Holmes Pub

5 Minutes

– University of Alberta
– Garneau Park
– Braithwaite Park
– Whyte Avenue
– Spirit Leaf
– Safeway
– POM Grande Persian Grill
– Avila Arepa- Urban Venezuelan Kitchen
– Earl’s Kitchen and Bar
– The Greenhouse Health Food Eatery
– Prestotea